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Unlock New Revenue Streams

Earn up to 50% per .ART registration via your exclusive discount code. Plus, unlock fresh revenue channels by integrating .ART domains for clients.

Boost Your Brand

Offer .ART domains and position your agency as a trailblazer in the digital art world. Draw artists, businesses, and institutions aiming for a domain that truly speaks to their brand.

Claim Your free .ART domain

Secure a .ART domain for your agency or philanthropic projects free of charge. Premium domains available through special discussions.

Build up Your Community

Align with the arts, connect with a global community of creatives, and enjoy highlighted recognition across .ART’s promotional platforms.

Join the global .ART community


Elevate Your Agency and Clients with .ART Domains

In a digital world where standing out is crucial, become the agency that sets the trend. Partner with .ART Domains to amplify your clients' brand and unlock new revenue streams.

The .ART domain is more than just a web address—it's a bold statement. Adopted by world-renowned organizations like Porsche, Kickstarter and The Institute of Contemporary Arts, .ART gives your clients exclusive access to a globally celebrated creative network. Don't just follow the digital wave; ride it by offering .ART domains.

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Support Mental Health

By supporting .ART, you contribute to the charitable Art Therapy Initiative, funding scholarships for graduate studies and other endeavours. 


Trusted by the versatile creative community

“.ART is for me the best way to recognise what my business is all about. I love the idea of being unique in each detail of my creative practice, and this one makes truly the difference.”

Naomi Vona

Artist – 

“What I think is very compelling about .ART is that it offers artists like myself a safe space, a domain name, in which you know that your work is absolutely owned by you in terms of registration and documentation.”

Martha Fiennes

Artist and filmmaker –

“.ART is explicit in foregrounding the importance of the content. You come to .ART for a deep dive into creativity and innovation. As the domain space heats up with a plethora of options, it's important to have a clear identity.”

Steve Miller

Artist –

“Essentially, .ART has provided half the marketing for us. It’s like the readymade, but for online identities.”

Clynton Lowry

Founder of

“People who go to .ART have the same passion about life through art.” 

Shen Wei

Visual artist and choreographer,

“I actually bought the domain years before opening the gallery, when .ART was up and coming! I thought it was a great idea, and I felt strongly about having a .art domain because of its specificity to the industry. It’s less corporate than .com and more contemporary than .net.”

Mitra Khorasheh

Owner & Curator of signs and symbols,

“I’ve been telling my artists to get .ART because .com is related to commerce and business and .ART immediately puts you in a place that people understand you in the art platform.” 

Steven Sacks

Bitforms Gallery founder –

“When you’re on a .ART domain you know that you will be looking at quality content. It’s giving a house and a roof to this entire community of art creators and influencers” 

Michael Klug

Owner of Whitewall Magazine,

“Until now we had a website on a Belgian domain and we felt that it was important to get access to a community that was global.” 

Bruno Nelis

PR & Communication Director, BRAFA museum,

“Having the possibility to use is simply the perfect solution. It filled a long-lasting gap in our marketing and in the way we project ourselves.”

David Stern

Owner of Pissarro Gallery,

“.ART is a global community, switching to this domain zone is a no-brainer for the whole worldwide art scene.”

Gijs Stork

Founder of 

“It is descriptive and short. At the same time, one can quickly identify the respective genre and its contents. It’s immediately clear that any website within this domain zone is related to art, so the viewer has a clear understanding what works they’ll find within it. I think a .ART domain is the perfect solution to display art related content on the web.”

Christopher Bauder


“We chose .ART because it instantly communicates our mission and identity. Rather than identifying ourselves as a commercial entity (.com) or situating us within the borders of our country (.ca), the .ART signifier identifies us within a community of artists and institutions, each operating in their own context, but also as part of a global community.”

John Hampton

Interim Executive Director & CEO, MacKenzie Art Gallery,

“For me, .ART was a way to distinguish my artistic practice from my other work and general online presence. It is a really good way for me to showcase my artworks online and my portfolio, and it’s obvious for everyone what it is.”

Ronen Tanchum


“I chose .ART in order to bring context to my website name I prefer that my artwork be seen for itself rather than as a commercial product for which .com stands.”

David Spriggs

Artist – 

“The reason why I chose .ART was because I wanted the company name to be the domain. I wanted everything to be as simple as possible. In order for this principle of simplicity to be felt in every detail, the first step was to choose the company’s name – the domain is precisely describing what we do as a company.”

Victoria Dejaco

Founder of cloud-based art management system 

Don't just do business; become a champion of art. Partner with .ART today.

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